Friday, September 19, 2008

Prince George, British Colombia

September 12 - 15

We had planned to stay in Prince George for just two nights to get groceries and do laundry. So we did grocery shopping on Saturday, something we try to avoid due to the crowds. Kathy did laundry and we went to Saturday evening Mass.

Sunday morning as we were hitching the trailer to the truck the front landing jacks of the trailer (the part that holds the weight of the trailer), wouldn’t lift the trailer and was making a very unpleasant grinding noise. It being a Sunday there was no one open that could help. We took the air out of our air hitch and were able to slide under the hitch pin of the trailer to get the trailer on to the truck.

Monday we called the Good Sam Road Service and they in turn called a Canadian dispatch who said they would send someone out to fix our problem. The person that came out was from an auto repaired place. I don’t think he had ever seen a 5th wheel before. After I explained our problem to him he walked to the back of the trailer. I showed him where the jacks were and the symptoms of our problem. He said that it was probably a problem with the hydraulics to the landing jacks. I pointed out that the landing jacks had an electric motor and did not use any hydraulics. He then said that he didn’t think he could help us. After wasting over two hours we were able to find an RV Repair place in town to look at our problem. Somehow the gears on one of the landing jacks had been stripped. Fortunately, they had the needed parts in stock! This almost never happens with RVs. By the time the repairs were completed it was too late in the day for our drive to Jasper, so we stayed another night in Prince George.

At least the weather was nice with sun and highs in the 70s.

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