Friday, September 5, 2008

A Better Day on the Road to Tok, Alaska

Our travel day Thursday was only 120 miles. We had no problems with the truck and the Check Engine light did not come on. I am not sure what I bumped but apparently it fixed the problem caused by Chevrolet of Wasilla.

We were last in Tok on June 25th when we arrived in Alaska. When you drive to or from Alaska; Tok is either the first or last Alaskan town you see. I guess that makes this “the last town in America”. More importantly for our purpose, it is the last Post Office in America. We are planning to take 3 to 4 weeks to drive across Canada depending on how cold it gets and how many RV Parks stay open; so this is our last chance for mail for about a month. Hopefully it will arrive on Friday.

We purposely planned to leave Alaska after Labor Day to avoid the crowds. We had no idea how much we would be avoiding others. Wednesday night at the Gakona RV Park only two other rigs came in. Here at the Sourdough RV Park there are 90 camping sites but, only 5 are currently in use. On the road Thursday in our 120 mile drive we only saw about a dozen vehicles going in each direction. We keep hearing that the RV Parks and gas stations will be closing on September 15th. There seems to be so little business that we are already wondering why they are staying open until then. We also knew that we ran the risk of colder weather by waiting to leave Alaska. The lows here in Tok have been in the mid-30s and are forecast to stay in the 30s.

You have all heard Alaska scenery as incredible, magnificent, unbelievable, etc. There simply are not enough adjectives to describe Alaska scenery. Thursday all 120 miles was all of the above. The birch trees have turned yellow and red and they go on for miles contrasting with the evergreens. The mountains are spectacular with snow covered Mt. Sanford at over 16,200 feet towering over everything. If we had stopped for pictures everywhere we wanted to take pictures we would never have gotten here in a day.

I have only put a few pictures on the blog page, be sure to check out the slideshow for more pictures: Slideshow - On the Road to Tok Alaska

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  1. It is amazing how many leaves have turned up there. We've only got a few trees with falls colors so far.