Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mill Casino, Umpqua Lighthouse – MOC Rally Continues

Our Progressive Rally left Valley of the Rogue State Park and moved on to the Mill Casino RV Park in North Bend, Oregon. The temperature as advertised was only 62 degrees and a welcome relief from the heat we had been experiencing. We have also picked up a couple more people for our MOC progressive Rally. 

This the first time Kathy and I have stayed at a casino RV Park. This one looks to be new and is very nice. All sites are full hookup and on the east edge of the actual bay here at Coos Bay. Although the casino is a short walk away they have a 24/7 shuttle that drives back and forth to the casino. A unique to us feature of this casino is a separate smoke-free slot room. The food at the restaurants is good and reasonably priced. Assuming that you include the money you spend gambling. :-) One thing that is different than Nevada casinos is the drinks are not cheap nor are they free while playing.

Umpqua Lighthouse

About twenty miles up the road is the Umpqua Lighthouse. We had read about this lighthouse because Bob and Linda of the Because-We-Can blog were volunteers here for 3 or 4 years and I read their blog about fulltime RVing back in my working days. So, the first thing we did in the area was go visit the Umpqua Lighthouse. After reading Bob and Linda’s posting and seeing their pictures it was like we knew the place without ever being there. The current volunteers are also fulltime RVers that just started on the road last year. They said that they first heard about the Umpqua Lighthouse from reading Bob and Linda also. Sometimes the RV world seems small.

A very unique feature of the Umpqua Light house is that its signal light is two white flashes followed by a red flash. We are hopeful that we will get back there some evening and maybe get some pictures of that.

The lighthouse has an excellent museum that tells the history of the lighthouse, the Light Keepers and later the Coast Guard that have been stationed there.

The lighthouse sits high on a bluff where the Umpqua River flows into the Ocean.


  1. Grant and Kathy,
    Great pictures. I LOVE LIGHTHOUSES.
    The Umpqua is gorgeous. The red fensal...is that the correct word for the glass... is beautiful.It must be spectacular to see it at night. We have 5 very famous ones on our coast. I don't believe any of our lighthouse have colored glass.
    Looks like our favorite Golden was making a new friend...what a doll baby!! I've never seen Irish Broom how beautiful. You guys are doing a good job of sightseeing for me!! Keep up the good work. I also plan to look at the blog of the couple who used to volunteer at Umpqua. Cheers Cecilia

  2. I know exactly where you guys are now...Are you headed north or south from North Bend? So many beautiful places to see, and great seafood to eat on the OR coast!

  3. When I first saw that top shot I thought, "How the hell did they drive to Geneva to get inside the Large Hadron Collider?"

  4. Grant and Kathy,
    Thanks for sharing some great pictures. We visited here on the way down the coast last fall. All of Washington and Oregon coast is a great place to visit.
    Dick, Jackie and CC

  5. Love the flowers. I tried an ice plant, but it didn't make it.....
    I love light houses too!