Monday, June 15, 2009

National MOC Spring Rally – Seven Feathers Casino RV Resort

The Montana Owners.Com National Spring Rally moves locations each year. Last year was Arizona, the year before was in California and this year it was held at the Seven Feathers Casino RV Resort in Canyonville, Oregon. This gives people from different areas a chance to attend. Our three week long Progressive Rally moved on to Seven Feathers Casino RV Resort. This is by far the best landscaped RV Park we have ever seen! There are rhododendrons everywhere!

The National Rally is a little more structured than MOC Regional Rallies and usually has a larger attendance. This year we had at least 90 people attending.

We had a representative from Keystone-Montana the manufacturer of our trailers come to share improvements on the newest trailers, ask for opinions about possible changes on future models and to discuss any questions or concerns that anyone might have. We also had a representative from Mor/ryde. Mor/ryde produces the suspension that most of us have on our Montanas, they also produce a pinbox hitch plate that many Montana Owners use. His presentation was on the wide variety of products Mor/ryde produces and suggestions on the maintenance of the Mor/ryde products we already had. A third presentation was done by Medical Air Services Association . This company provides insurance to air evacuate members to the nearest hospital, return RVers and their Motorhome or truck and trailer to their home in the event of medical problems or death.

Along with these more formal presentations there were informal presentations by members of MOC. These included “open house” to show do it yourself changes and modifications that people had done, a session on LED lighting to save energy while boondocking and a session about using the Internet on the road. There were also beading sessions to learn new beading skills.

Of course no MOC gathering would be complete without a daily happy hour, a nightly campfire, an appetizer potluck “Meet & Greet”, a desert potluck and a trip to a local restaurant where we completely take over the restaurant.

Even with all of these activities there was time to see the sights of the area. We did try to do a little birding but saw very few birds. One bird of note was the Bald Eagle on top of a very tall lamp standard. She was sitting on her nest. We did however see miles of green river valleys.

Our slideshow of the MOC Spring Rally


  1. Beautiful slide show...
    Thanks for helping get me more excited about our trip later this summer!

  2. Grant and Kathy...
    Great pictures I love the mama deer and babies....and that bumble bee as too close for comfort!!! So have you used the indoor pool at the clubhouse...HA!!