Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Florence and Rain

The above picture is Heceta Head Lighthouse just north of Florence, Oregon. The information about the lighthouse says that it is the “most powerful light on the Oregon coast” and the most photographed. Due to fog the day we visited the lighthouse was barely visible from the vista point where many of the photographs are taken and the light wasn’t going to be visible very far. This link shows the Lighthouse Keeper B&Bs web page and a great picture of what the lighthouse looks like on a clear day.

It looked more like this for us:

The beach area is part of an Oregon State Park. Oregon Parks are way more “dog friendly” than California State Parks. So far all of the Oregon State Parks we have been to allow dogs on the trail if on a lead and all of the beaches allow dogs off lead. California State Parks don’t allow dogs on the trails or the beaches, even if they are on a lead. Needles to say Raider was a happy puppy!

The beach and surrounding area is very beautiful.

One of the things that our Montana Owners Group is really good at is eating! The daily 5 o’clock social hour is well attended, no matter where we are and always includes nuts, crackers, various spreads, dips, also meat and cheese platters. Occasionally there are special treats such as fresh barbequed oysters that Carl and Ray prepared twice in the past week. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures as I was too busy eating the oysters. Another food related item that always gets our attention is when Susan says “We know a restaurant near here”. You can bet that 50 people will say “We’ll go!”

If you read the blog posting about Siskiyou, you know of our visit to the Mexican restaurant. This time Susan took us to Waterfront Depot in Florence.

So many of us wanted to go that there wasn’t room for all of us and we had to agree to have dinner at 4 PM. I had Rack of Lamb that was good, but Kathy had Crab-encrusted Halibut that was VERY GOOD. The prices were also very reasonable. Since it was a 90 mile round trip to Florence, most of us took the time to tour the old town section of Florence.

Most of this week we have been lucky that the well known Oregon rain has only fallen at night, at least when happy hour ended! But today (Thursday) it has rained steadily all day. Not a problem as it makes for a good day to sit inside working on the blog and watching old movies.

Slideshow for Heceta Head Lighthouse and Florence



  1. Thanks for the pictures of Florence & the lighthouse...... Guess that will have to do for us since that was the trip we were supposed to do today! Doug & JoAnn

  2. Oh I am soooo jealous now...these are some of my favorite spots in the really know how to get me excited!!!
    Don't you just love the Florence Bridge?
    Love the restaurant info, as we are always looking for new places out there...
    Oh Boy, where are we headed next?

  3. Kathy and Grant
    What great pics yesterday in spite of the rain and fog but both make the lighthouse look exactly as it should. Raider was loving that run on the beach!!! I expect to see both your pics in Nat'l Geo someday or at least Alaska Mag!!! Ha!! Can't wait to get the issue with the winning pics in it.
    Have a good weekend,

  4. Great pictures........

    I'm not going to say who I think took which ones...........