Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Milestone - 25,000 Visits

On June 8th, the counter on our blog went over 25,000 visits! The counter was added to the blog slightly less than 17 months ago just because I was curious if anyone was reading the blog.

WOW!!! Who are all of these people?

From the beginning I had planned to write a blog as the best way to let our sons, siblings, parents and friends know where we were and what we had been doing. Traveling around makes it difficult to call everyone up and repeat the stories of where we have been and what we were doing. An added benefit of the blog was the ability to post pictures and slideshows. Now everyone could see where we were and what we had seen.

An unforeseen benefit of the blog has been meeting fellow blog writers who read our blog and we read their blogs. Not only have we met some wonderful people, but are able to stay in touch and meet up with them in our travels.

A truly special moment was the first time we stepped out of the trailer and a stranger said to us “OH! I know you I read your blog”.

A report of blog traffic that we get from Blogger tells us that we have had readers from Australia, Africa most countries in South America, all over Europe and North America. We have “met” people virtually through comments and emails and have been keeping up email traffic regularly with many of them.

Out blog traffic was highest last year as we did our Alaska & Canada odyssey.

Thank you all for following the blog and if you see us on the road or at an RV Park near you please stop by and introduce yourselves.


  1. Hey Grant and Kathy....
    I expect SEVERAL thousand of those hits are from me.

  2. I have been "lurking" your blogs with admiration. Funny because I am not a birder, hate traveling, and don't know any constellations other than the "dippers". But I enjoy knowing you are having a great retirement.
    An old friend and ex MCU person.
    Bob N.

  3. I'm so glad we met..........
    Keep blogging........I'm traveling thru your "eyes".