Monday, January 21, 2008

We have arrived in Quartzsite!

This is boondocking decadence! We are sitting out on the desert about 6 miles from town and we still have a WIFI connection (love that Verizon Aircard) and TV. Boondocking is the closest we get to real camping. There are no hookups so we use all of the on board systems and our generators for electricity and the run the microwave. :-)

We met up today with other members of the Montana Owners.Com forum. Grant first joined the forum back in May of 2006 when we were still trying to decide which brand of 5th wheel to buy. Obviously, we chose a Montana and the people on the forum have been great about answering questions and passing alone tips for first time 5th wheel owners. This gathering is a chance to meet in real life with people that we talk to all of the time over the internet. We have Americans and Canadians, people from Alaska and all of the western states. We are expecting more people to arrive later in the week from back east. Currently we have about 20 Montana 5th wheels here and are expecting another 10 or so.

Grant is really excited to be here after reading about it for so many years. Our first impression is the actual town is much bigger than we had expected. As expected there are 1,000s of RV scattered across the desert. However, here up on Plomosa Rd. where we are staying it is really wide open, very level and beautiful desert vistas.

As soon as we got all settled in, Kathy was put to work assisting in the beading class. Several of the ladies had gone to the beading store in town with great buys on beads and were making the beaded lanyards for the name tags.

Raider is just glad to be outside without being hooked up to a leash! At first, he refused to go inside the trailer! Kathy had to convince him that Grant was already inside before he would go in! There was nowhere to sit outside in Yuma, so he was only outside for walks.

This evenings sunset.

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  1. Absolutely awesome sunset picture. That alone is worth the camp in the desert.