Monday, January 14, 2008

Living cliché and windy days

Our friends Fred & Jo Wishnie moved on to Blythe California today, but Kathy and I are staying here in Yuma until we move up to Quartzsite at the beginning of next week. The weather here in Yuma has been mid-70’s during the day and low-50s at night. We wish Fred and Jo safe travels and look forward to meeting up with them again in a few weeks.

As sure as trailer parks attract tornados; Wal-Marts attract RVers. I am sure that both phenomenons are just unexplainable acts of nature. We had both received Starbucks gift cards for Christmas so, Sunday we went to Starbucks. While there we got to talking about the need for a non-electric coffee maker for our time boondocking at Quartzsite when we won’t have electricity. Next door to Starbucks was a Wal-mart and not just any Wal-Mart but a Super Wal-Mart. So, we went in. I felt like a living RV cliche. As we walked in we discussed do we need a cart and decided that we didn't. Fifteen feet inside the door Kathy said "while we are here". I then went and got us a cart; long story short we left with $100 worth of stuff and couldn't find any non-electric coffee makers. The wind started coming up Sunday morning and continued through Monday. Local weather said that the wind was 15 to 20 mph with gust 25 to 35 mph. Wind is horrible for birding; even rain is better than wind. So, not much happened on Sunday and even less on Monday.

Monday turned out to be a real “do nothing” day. We didn’t even move the truck. We slept late and except for Raider's walks, all we did to today was sit and read. It was our most relaxing day so far.

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  1. Maybe there's hope for you after all (learning to relax). LOL