Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bird Watching can be harder than it looks!

Today was a birding day. We went to Betty's Kitchen and Mittry Lake, an area about 20 miles north of Yuma off of Highway 95. Our guide book said “Betty's Kitchen, Mittry Lake, and the surrounding area offer a wealth of bird-finding opportunities.” So we were at the right place. We arrived just as the sun was lighting up the top of the trees. That meant we had to get up in the dark to leave Yuma just at sunrise. So we were there at the right time. However, there were very few birds! In the 5+ plus hours we spent birding we saw less than a dozen species of birds and except for the ever present Coots very few actual birds.

The best birds of the day were a pair of Ladder-backed Woodpeckers. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures.

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