Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January Itinerary

Our January itinerary is coming a little more into focus.

January 1 – 6 El Centro, California
We stayed at the Sunbeam Lake Resort which is next to a county park. This was a nice park with large sites and complete amenities, about 6 miles outside of El Centro. We expect that we will return to Sunbeam next time we are in the area.

January 7 – 13 and maybe 14 - 22 Yuma, Arizona
River Front RV Park; we will be staying here at least a week but, may stay two weeks.

January 20 – 27 Montana Owners Circle at Quartzsite
We keep vacillating about how long we want to try boondocking at Quartzsite so; we don’t have a firm date as to when we are going to Quartzsite. “Boondocking” is staying in the trailer without any kind of hookups. At Quartzsite you just pull out into the desert and park where you want. Nick Russell wrote a piece called “Woodstock for RVers” that explains Quartzsite http://www.gypsyjournal.net/quartzsite.htm .

January 28 – 31 So many choices
We haven’t decided where to go after the Montana Owners Circle. We are considering Lake Havasu or maybe down to Organ Pipe National Monument. We will wait to see what the weather is like and what ideas we pickup from other RVers over the next few weeks.

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