Saturday, February 26, 2011

Raider Picture Week 8


Raider in his “walking” collar

Raider goes back to the Vet on Monday for a checkup. He has to wear the "cone" all of the time or he will use his foot to scratch the stitches on the back of his ear. He is not very happy. With the cone on he walks into things, he can't jump on to his couch or our bed and can't play with his chew toys. We won't know until Monday when the stitches will come out or how long he will have to continue to wear the cone. With his cone on Raider doesn’t have any peripheral vision and is easily startled by things. Also with it on he can’t sniff. What is a walk to a dog if he can’t sniff? So for walks we but this blowup collar on. Unfortunately, we can’t leave it on all the time as he is able to scratch his  ear with it on. He seems to be healing well and has increased his daily walks to 4 laps around the RV Park which is just over 3 miles a day!

Snow at 6:30 AM Feb 20, 2011 in Pahrump, NV

This is the scene that greeted us as we let Raider out first thing last Sunday morning!

Birds having a feeding frenzy despite it snowing

Looking out the window last Sunday morning

Looking southwest towards California from Pahrump, NV

On our walk this morning looking southwest towards California from Pahrump, NV

Looking North at the Mtns. Covered in Snow

On our walk this morning looking North at the mountains covered in Snow.

Yes, it has been cold everywhere lately even here in the desert. Our week days have been clear and windy but both this weekend and last there has been snow in the local mountains.

More snow pictures on the slideshow:


  1. My son Matt just got home 2 weeks ago from Fallon Naval Station, Fallon Nevada. Hot during the day and cold at night....

    I'm glad Raider is healing and he is looking good (((HUGS)))

  2. look like a very handsome lifeguard..and my sweet boy...girls love life guards. But then girls love you anyway.

    Grant and Kathy I believe Vicki sent you some nice of her. I know the birds are thankful for your feeders.
    Hugs HiC, Madi and Bryan

  3. Snow can be fun when it is such a rare occurence.

    Sassy says she is sorry about Raider's ear, but he does look fine in that blue collar!!! :)
    Hugs and belly rubs sweet boy,

  4. |What is a walk to a dog if he can’t sniff?

    In my professional experience; it is a chance to pee on as much random stuff as possible! This is especially true for male dogs.

  5. Snow in the desert a "treat"?!! Hope Raider gets good news at the vet!

  6. Wow! You sure is handsome! Hope you can itch some and sniff things tomorrow! Licky kisses, Billy