Saturday, February 5, 2011

Raider Picture Week 5 and the COLD

Where is that Global Warming when you need it?

Where is that Global warming when you need it?

Admittedly compared to most other places in the US over the past week it hasn’t been very cold here but, it has been cold enough. As the above picture shows Raider needed a blanket  in the morning as we waited for the heater to warm up the trailer.

We had three days of very windy weather followed by three days of what we consider very cold weather. Through it all it has been very clear and sunny.

So cold the hummingbird feed froze solid!

It was so cold the hummingbird food froze!

I set the feeder out in the sun for about an hour and all was well.

Although just a silhouette, our little friend was relieved when it melted

Our Resident Anna’s Hummingbird was glad it had melted!

Here at the Pahrump Escapee Park they have the fresh water faucets very close to the ground and inside of wooden boxes.


Inside the boxes are filled with insolation.


However, the night the temperature dropped to 19 degrees that wasn’t enough. Even though I disconnected and drained our hose, the faucets inside the box froze! I boiled some water in a tea kettle and poured it on the faucets and we had water again. Today it is 66 and they are forecasting 70s for tomorrow.

The locals remind us that in 6 months it will 115 degrees here! We will be long gone before then!!


  1. Yes, I would be gone too before the 115 hits the area! I so enjoy reading about your adventures. My wife and I hope to be Rvers someday (another 20 years of work and it might happen!). Oh but 70s would be wonderful. It's been below zero a couple mornings this week and below freezing all week until today (up to a whopping 40!).


  2. Wish I was snuggling on the sofa with Raider!!
    That would be a one dog

  3. Oh, my! I'm sure the Anna's hummer thanks you. :)

  4. The cold really gets to me, but as long as the sun shines I can handle it. Poor Raider...he looks comfy, tho!

  5. Raider, you look so cute! Love the hummer pic!

  6. Raider I declare you look good in all the colors of the rainbow!!! I wish I was there to snuggle with you. Hugs Madi

    THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURE OF MISS ANNA!!! I'm so jealous...we don't want freezing and we don't want 115...we just want a happy medium temp and I don't think that is too much to ask.
    Hugs HiC