Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Niagara Falls–New York


American Falls with Horseshoe Falls in the background.

Although we are posting this entry the fourth week of February 2011 we were actually at Niagara Falls the last week of September 2010.

I doubt there is a more recognizable natural landmark in the eastern half of North America than Niagara Falls.  We have all seen countless pictures of Niagara Falls, but just as with the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, nothing really prepares you for the full impact of being there. One and half million gallons of water a second going over the falls just has to be felt.

We had a mix of weather while in the Niagara Falls area. We had rain and clouds; along with some warm humid days. The day we visited the falls was quite warm and very very windy.


The "Maid in the Mist" boat tour of Niagara Falls


Brave souls hiking down to the wind caves near the base of the Falls

The updraft from the falls was so strong it was all we could do to keep our cameras dry from the top of the falls. We had no idea why these people would want to get even wetter by trying to get closers to the falls.

As it turns out the best views of the two falls are from the Canadian side of the river. So we walked across the Rainbow Bridge into Ontario, Canada.



The view from the bridge; American Falls on the left and Horseshoe Falls on the right.


Did I mention that it was VERY WINDY!!!


American Falls as seen from the Canadian side of the river.

American Falls is 100 feet high and 1,060 feet wide.


Horseshoe Falls as seen from the Canadian side of the river.

Horseshoe Falls is 173 feet high and 2,600 feet wide. Notice the “Maid of the Mist” boat just right of center. Can you imagine how soaked those people got?


Oddly enough the walk to Canada was free, but there was a 50 cent per person toll to return to the United States.

Many more pictures on the Niagara Falls slideshow:


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! Just when I think your last pics were the best you post Niagara FAlls. That first picture made me want to duck to keep the water from splashing.

    K I love your new do....lol you have horns. Too funny.

    I will never forget our trip to the Falls. One of the best ever. The Maid of the Mist was a must do. Back then they had 3 sizes of yellow slickers, S, M, L. It was heavy and huge and I'm pretty sure none of them were S. HA!!
    I hear now they have ponchos.
    Hugs and thanks for sharing,

  2. Great photos of the Falls. They are spectacular! Love the hairdo!

  3. An absolute must see place for everyone! Having grown up near there, I have been there often. But even as an adult now, it still amazes me!How is your new hairdresser, may I ask? (hehe)

  4. Whoa Kath, that's some wild hair, Girlfriend! :)

    My parents and I stayed on the Canadian side when we visited...it was summer 1972 and Hurricane Agnes followed us up the coast from Georgia...it poured the entire time we were at the falls, so we were wet anyway! I would love to return sometime and see the falls in the sunshine...these photos are beautiful!

    Licks and sniffs to Raider from my pack!

  5. Beautiful!!!!
    Love your fly away hair....lol

  6. LOL! That's a really funny picture, Mom. I can't believe how packed that tour boat is. I guess since they operate between the U.S. and Canada they get to ignore the safety regulations of both?

  7. A truly amazing place!! Wonderful photos Kathy! Loved the windy hair pix :) Every shot of the falls is spectacular! Oh yeah...leave it to us to chare folks to enter our side of the bridge!!! :(
    Thanks for sharing this trip! Mom has never been, but now has a fantastic view!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose