Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Elkhart, Indiana and the RV Hall of Fame


Although we are posting this entry the first week of March 2011 we were actually in Elkhart, Indiana the first week of October 2010.

Elkhart, Indiana is known as “the RV Capital of the World” because so many RVs are made in the area. More than half of all the RVs on the road were made in Elkhart or near by Goshen including ours. Since we would be going through Elkhart as we headed west on I-80, we decided to stop in at Mor/ryde International and have the suspension of our 5th wheel beefed up.  We really like our 2010 Montana 5th wheel. However, all of the 2011 Montana 5th wheels now come standard with much thicker shackles than previous year models. We know of several people who have had their shackles wear through and we thought it best to upgrade. We have also heard in our Montana Owners. COM Group of too much frame flex causing problems so we also had Mor/ryde add frame stiffeners.

After leaving Niagara Falls we had a few days until our appointment at Mor/ryde. We stopped at the Erie KOA which is actually in McKean, Pennsylvania. This is one of the nicest RV Parks we have ever stayed at. It is well off of I-90 and very quiet. Also, it being so late in the season they had some great special deals going on. Although, it rained most of our time there Kathy did get out to take some pictures of the fall foliage and flowers before the storms blew away the leaves.



On the day of our Mor/ryde appointment while they worked on our 5th wheel we went to visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame. They have a large collection of Antique Trailers and Motorhomes from as far back as 1913. This place is a must see for every RVer. It is amazing to see how far RVs have come but, also amazing to see how early such things as in door plumbing was first available in RVs.


1913 Travel Trailer


1937 Motorhome


1935 Travel Trailer

Even with the great collections they have two things I noticed that were missing: 5th wheels and a Volkswagen Westphalia Van. Okay, so maybe 5th wheels haven’t been around long enough to be antiques. However, for a lot of Baby Boomers (us included) a Volkswagen Camper Van was their first experience of an RV.

More Pictures of the RV/MH Hall Fame on the slideshow:


  1. I'd settle for the little yellow and white one :)

    Gloria and Ralph and Billy has got to go visit this place!!

    Roll on..............

    Miz Liz

  2. LOL thank goodness RVs have evolved with all the necessities of your Monty!!! I still am amazed at the fireplace. Do they still make Airstream RV's?

    Hugs HiC

  3. Now that looks like a really fun place to visit!

  4. Oh how fun that must have been!!! I was going to ask if you could pick us up a swanky 5th wheeler while you were there...but again...we realized this trip was in the fall! We would LOVE to do RV tours! And, anything is beautiful compared to our very crampt....(cozy) truck camper!!! We loved the 5th wheels when we went to the local fall RV show.
    Have fun! Hugs to Raider of course :)

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose