Saturday, February 19, 2011

Raider Picture Week 7

Oh, NO! I am a "cone dog" again

Oh, NO! I am a “cone dog” again!

Kathy Wrote today’s entry:

Monday Raider had to have the hematoma on his left ear repaired via laser surgery and 20 stitches. Poor guy, he's just filling in his coat from December's surgery and now the left side of his head is shaved! At least the vet didn't touch his Mohawk!

Hematoma was caused by scratching his ear too hard due to fleas! That ruptured a blood vessel in the ear which caused a blood blister that enlarged very quickly over a few days! I thought being out in the desert we'd be "flea free", but apparently he had a few hitch hikers from San Jose!

I have to play vet assistant again with 5 different medications to give him. (Antibiotics, Pain killer, 2 different ointments and one other RX I'm not sure what it does! Naturally at different times!)

But at least he was more perky when we picked him up on Monday afternoon, compared to his Dec. surgery, he was lethargic then! And he was starving, a good sign for sure!

Oh, NO! I am a "cone dog" again


  1. Bless Raider's heart! But it sounds like he is in good hands. Please give him a pat on the head for me.

  2. Poor Radar, I hope he recovers quickly. I know how much dogs hate those Elizabethan collars!

  3. Is there a reason why you don't have him on a medicine for fleas, ticks, mites, worms and heartworm, like "Revolution"?
    Oh, maybe you don't have deadly heartworms there?
    Poor Raider. I hope he gets better soon.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Poor Baby :(

  5. Yes, Raider is on Frontline for fleas and another one for Heartworms. We were told there weren't any fleas out in the desert and thought him safe! BUT he brought some hitch hiker (fleas) from CA and didn't tell us! So he's back on schedule for the flea medication.
    Thank you for caring!
    Kathy of Birdingrvers

  6. I didn't know the desert was supposed to be flea-free, I thought that is where the name 'sand-flea' came from. LOL

    That will teach Raider to keep things to himself, he should have told you, so you could do something about it. MEN !!

    So glad he is eating, and perking up.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  7. Oh Raider, you have had more than your share of surgeries lately! So sorry to see you back in the old cone. Better days are ahead, my friend!
    Sending extra hugs, licks, and sniffs,
    ~K and The Pups

  8. Best wishes to one of my fave boys! And licky kisses from Billy

  9. Poor Raider! Best of luck on a quick recovery.

  10. So sad.... Raider's sure had a tough couple of months. Give him a big hug for us.

  11. poor guy!..he will be bee-u-tiful again sooon!!