Friday, September 3, 2010

How Did the blog get so far behind?

The blog is currently about 7 weeks behind “real time”. How did that happen? We have had a remarkable run of nice weather, have seen some magnificent areas and taken 100s of pictures. I guess our excuse is that we have been to busy too blog, download and edit pictures.

We still have to post pictures of our time in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and our return to Maine. However, to answer the question “Where are you?” We are currently in New Hampshire near Mount Washington. We will be here through the Labor Day holiday weekend before moving on to Burlington, Vermont.

The weather has turned Hot and Humid! Something that we have not experienced since back in May in Virginia. Our plan is to sit under the A\C, avoid the holiday traffic, avoid the holiday crowds and try to get the blog caught up.


  1. What a great area to be in this time of year! The Appalachian Trail thru-hikers should be all around you (seen and unseen!) as they make their way through to Maine.

  2. Hi great to hear there are lots of gorgeous pictures on the way....we look forward to them.
    You all have a relaxing and cooler weekend. It is actually going to be very nice here...58 for the low tomorrow night...
    Happy Labor Day...Madi says to give Raider a hug
    Madi and Mom