Saturday, March 5, 2011

Raider Picture Week 9–More Surgery for Raider

Raider's new and even bigger cone!

Raider with his new and even bigger cone

Raider’s visit to the Vet didn’t go so well this past week. Since he can’t scratch his ear due to the cone, he has been flailing his head and flapping the ears with the cone. Unfortunately, this caused another hematoma on his ear and he had to have another operation on Tuesday. In the above picture you can see him in his new and even bigger cone. You will also see the padding that Kathy put in to the cone to protect his ears from the hard plastic of the cone should he start flailing his ears again.

He seems to be recovering okay, but he isn’t walking as much as he was. He has another Vet visit at the end of this coming week so we will see what happens.

The only other news is that the weather here in Pahrump has turned very nice. Spring maybe coming to the desert soon

Bird Note:

We have been seeing Gamble's Quail under our feeder. Also we had a visit from a flock of Cedar Waxwings one evening to the tree just across from us. They were here one evening and have not returned. I guess just passing through. Also after a 3 week absence we have once again seen Say’s Phoebes here in the park. This time we saw 2 at the same time. Of course we don’t know if one of these is the one we saw a few weeks ago or not. We still can’t imagine what they could be living on as we haven’t even any insects not even ants. Our resident Cooper’s Hawk comes by every day to check for a quick meal at our feeders. The other afternoon Kathy was sitting on the patio and saw the female Copper’s Hawk land on the trailer slide adjacent to the bird feeders! Fortunately, all of the goldfinches and sparrows had already evacuated the area.


  1. Raider is so beautiful...goldens have the softest, sweetest faces. Hope his ear heals soon and that no more vet visits are necessary. Enjoy that desert springtime!

  2. Sending lots of hugs and belly rubs to our handsome Golden furiend!

  3. Raider is a Handsome fella :)


  4. I bet Raider can hardly wait to get that cone off. He sure looks sweet.

  5. Sure hope Raider does better this time. Sure want him to be back to his old self! Hugs to ALL of you!

  6. Raider oh my sweet baby that is one dag gone big cone. No wonder you aren't walking. With that on you can't turn your head to see who is admiring you. I hope and pray your vet visit this week is good and you can trade in the cone for your walking papers.
    Hugs Madi and Mom