Sunday, March 13, 2011

Raider Picture Week 10–Spring in Pahrump and Beading


Raider the cone dog doing his ostrich impersonation.

Raider returned to the Vet’s on Friday for a follow-up visit. He says that Raider is healing well, but the cone will have to stay on at least until the next checkup in 12 days. Raider isn’t happy about this.

Spring has arrived in Pahrump with daytime temperatures in the high 70s. We have been in Pahrump 9 weeks; the longest we have stayed in one spot since we became fulltime RVers. We will be here at least a few more weeks until Raider gets an “all clear” from the Vet.

Back in December, when all of California and the desert southwest were getting a lot of rain, I thought this would be a very good year for wild flowers. It hasn’t turned out that way. I was reading about Death Valley they are saying that although they had a lot of rain in December, in January and February they had 6 very dry weeks. This was followed by high winds. Now they are getting daytime temperatures in the 90s. Due to these factors they are saying that this year won’t be a good wildflower year.


Here in Pahrump, where they had a record breaking 7 inches of snow in early January, there have been almost no wildflowers at all. We have just seen a few patches of these. They grow very close to the ground and it would take 2 of them to be as big as a dime.

Beading News

Apparently, there has never been a Beading Store here Pahrump. The closest one is 55 miles away in the outskirts of Las Vegas. Kathy claims that it is just a coincidence that Beading Store opened up here in Pahrump 2 weeks after we arrived in town. I am convinced that it is indicative of the impact Kathy’s beading has on the various small towns that we travel through. The new beading store, Bead Heaven, has asked Kathy to come and teach the Saturday beading class this week.

Note from Editor: the class was a fun group of ladies who picked up my design instructions right away! Hardly any teaching was involved and I received a 10% discount on purchases in the store as compensation for my time! After all, I need inventory of beads and crystals for my jewelry sales orders, thanks to my blog: Crystal Creations by Kathy

So, Kathy saved $10 by spending $100. What’s wrong with this picture?

Birding Note

The only birding news this week is that we added Turkey Vulture as a year bird to our Pahrump bird list. A lone Turkey Vulture swooped over the RV Park this week.



  1. Well, she was going to spend that $100 anyway....

    It's kind of like a guy playing golf. My score was 82 but it coulda been 78....

  2. Ya gots a cone head fer a dog, a beader brain fer a wife, and a turkey vulture fer yer websights bird. With a post like that ain't you a worried that some folks will misinterrupt your writings and tag you with something like chief shoveler of bird poop, or something like that instead of head wrighter?

    There's some webslights I stumble across that rise below the others, and you is headin' that way quick.
    Me and Nilda's blog

  3. I love the link to your crystal creations!!!

    Raider deserves a Purple Heart for bravery!!
    Bless he sweet little heart!! He must be the sweetest puppy in the world to tolerate that cone. Once that cone comes off he will have to beat all the ladies off with a stick!

    Big Hugs to you all,

  4. It took a while for my first sale, too, Kathy. I was very discouraged at first and then all of a sudden I had a sale, then another one and another one! It helps to list one new item every other day instead of ten items at one time. New items come up in the new rotations and keep your shop on the first page of searches more often. Good luck!


  5. Poor Raider, can't see his cute little face 8( Licky kisses, Billy

  6. Poor Raider :( I want to see his handsome face!! maybe next time....

  7. Wow, that's really cool that they offered you a class to teach!

    Note to Dad: you gotta spend money to make money... Or something.

  8. Oh Raider...we can't wait to see you cone free!
    You need a nice long run!