Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Glacier National Park – Part 3


A view of Avalanche Creel along the Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail

I Slept 9 hours after yesterday's hike and woke with sore legs and knees. We scaled down the July16th planned hike to a simple FLAT nature trail! We did the Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail.


It is mostly on a boardwalk along Avalanche Creek and is probably the easiest trail in all of Glacier NP.


The trail winds through the lush forest.

 P1000905 P1000909

With frequent glimpse of the creek.



The water from the Hidden Lakes we saw on the Logan Pass hike flow into Avalanche Creek.


The Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail ends at the confluence of McDonald Creek and Avalanche Creek. It is important to note that any of these “creeks” would be called rivers in California.

More pictures on the slideshow

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