Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glacier National Park – Part 1


The above picture of us was taken by our son Tim, in Chicago, as we wave at the Apgar Visitor Center Webcam.

It has been over a week since our last blog up date. The weather has mostly been great and we have been doing a lot of hiking. Today we are taking a rest day so I am writing a series of short blog entries to get up to date.

We moved from Kalispell to West Glacier, Montana on July 13th. In our 18 months on the road and even with all of the rain last summer in Alaska, we have NEVER had to hitch or unhitch in the rain. Our streak has been broken, we had to hitch-up in a storm complete with thunder and lightning! Although, we drove to our next destination in rain and wind it was ONLY raining when we had to back-in, unhitch and setup. The above picture shows that rain had reduced to showers by the afternoon. July14th we awoke to more rain and gloom. The sun finally came out about 3 pm, but we didn’t do much on the 14th.

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