Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Glacier National Park – Part 6


Wild Goose Island St Mary Lake Glacier National Park

On July 19th we did a hike from Sun Point to Baring Falls. The whole hike was along St. Mary Lake, on the east side of Glacier National Park. It was mid-70s and very windy.



We stopped along the way at a few of the pullouts to take pictures.


Glacier 6

We had lunch at the Sun Point Picnic area overlooking a small part of St. Mary Lake. The glacially carved lake is 10 miles long and 300 feet deep!


From Sun Point you can look east toward the foot of the lake


and west toward the head of the lake.


Flowers along the trail to Baring Falls.


Baring Falls

Many more pictures on the slideshow

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  1. These pictures are breath-taking! Isn't Glacier just the most magnificent place?

    You guys have been busy today...I know how much time it takes to edit, publish, etc...that's why I am seriously considering not posting on my blog while we travel this fall...just take a break from it all!!! Hubby says I can't do it!
    We'll see.
    Butt rubs to Raider,