Sunday, April 20, 2008

Valley of the Gods - Mexican Hat - Goosenecks

One of the real nice things about this life style is things you find out about along the way. As Kathy wrote in the previous blog entry, Steve and Vicki told us about an area 20 miles up the road called “The Valley of the Gods”. It is billed as a Monument Valley without the crowds. It has a 17 mile dirt road with just spectacular scenery. We brought Raider and stopped along the way to let him run in the desert without his lead. He was running and having a great time. Later we stopped at an overlook on the road and had a picnic. We didn't see another car in either direction during our picnic. The weather was about 70F with a light wind. Valley of the Gods.jpgValley of the Gods.jpg

On the way to Valley of the Gods we went by Mexican Hat. As you can see in the picture the rock formation looks like an upside down sombrero

Steve and Vicki also told us about Goosenecks State Park and that fellow MOCers Robbie and Alice were boondocking (camping without any hookups) there. So after “The Valley of the Gods” we stopped at Gooseneck State Park to visit. We hadn’t seen Robbie and Alice since we boondocked at Quartzsite. Steve and Vickie were also visiting. So the 6 of us spent most of the afternoon sitting around talking about fulltiming.

All afternoon the wind got stronger and stronger. When we left them about 6 PM the wind was howling and the temperature was 78.

The wind continues to blow pretty hard so we have decided to have a day or two of cleaning and projects. You would not believe how fine the red dust is here and how it gets everywhere.

Click here to see the slide show of our visit:


  1. The slide show works great, is neat to see with the captions.

    Raider sure looks comfy on Mom's cushion.

    That view really is amazing! should be directed to you guys within a day or so! Then you'll have to track down the guy with the letter-stickers you used for the back of the Montana so you can put a .com on the end.

  2. Actually, Tim that is Raider’s cushion, one of three he has in the backseat of the truck so that he can nap in comfort while we are driving.

  3. Great job! The slide show is awesome!

  4. I haven't looked in on your blog for awhile, so I had a lot of cathiing up to do. Looks like you guys are having a great time, and seeing some beautiful country. I'll bet Raider was glad to be able to run loose for awhile lol.
    Take care.