Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tires – Texans – Prairie Dogs

New Tires

We have read so many things about the cheaply made in China Mission tires that come on so many travel trailers and the damage they cause when they fail. We decided that it would be best to replace our tires before we head to Alaska. We don't want to be looking for a new tire in Nowhere Yukon and end up paying an arm and a leg for a no name brand tire just to get back on the road. One of the people on the Montana owns a tire store in Farwell, Texas. We were only 100 miles or so from Farwell . We knew that Lonnie had a Montana and would know what we needed, so we decided to come up here. We put light truck commercial tires on the trailer; these are much tougher and stronger than the old tires.

We are Texans

My driver’s license expires on my birthday in June and I am not sure if my mail forwarding from the post office will still be in place. Nor am I sure that California would forward a driver's license renewal out of state. All that added to the fact that we will be somewhere in Canada on my birthday. So, I wanted to become a Texan now rather than wait until the fall as I had originally planned. Texas makes it unnecessarily hard to become a Texan. You can't get a Texas driver's license until you have Texas registration on your vehicles. You can't get registration until you have the vehicles inspected. The inspection, the registration and drivers license all are at different locations. While they were installing the tires on the trailer; we took Raider for a walk. We happened to walk by the county courthouse, so I went in to see if we could register in this county. The person behind the desk said that no we had to go to our home county. I left but once I got outside I had another question. When I went back in a second lady was sitting at her desk and she said that she would register the truck and the trailer for us if we could get the truck inspected. Lonnie could do the inspection for us so, we gathered all of the documentation we needed got the inspection certificate and went back to the courthouse. Finally we had registered the truck and trailer, and they even handed us the new license plates for each of them! However, we had to drive 30 miles to the next county to get our drivers licenses. For my California friends: the registration in Texas is MUCH CHEAPER than California. The truck alone is $464 cheaper than California. Unfortunately they had a bunch of one time only new person fees we had to pay so you can't win. :-)

Real Prairie Dogs

Yes, these are real Prairie Dogs! There is a colony of them living in the field next to the RV Park we stayed at in Clovis. New Mexico!

Bye for now Y’all

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