Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geography - Wind - Mileage

Since we entered New Mexico via I – 10 we found that EVERYTHING in southern and eastern New Mexico is FLAT, this extends into Texas as well. The only mountains or hills we have seen were the Guadalupe Mountains where Carlsbad Caverns is located. This area seems to rise out of nowhere and from the top all you can see is FLAT! Apparently due to the flatness of the area the wind blows all of the time; the only difference is how fast the wind is blowing. Is it 5 to 6 mph or is it 50 to 60 mph. As we are now moving westward there is always a head wind. Once we got to I – 40 the terrain changed from flat to non-stop rolling hills. You drive up one hill then go down the other side and then drive up the next hill. This apparently continues all the way across New Mexico! As you can imagine this non-stop head wind and rolling hills combination is HORRIBLE for the mileage. Our mileage from Clovis to Albuquerque was ONLY 7. 5 MPG. That is the worst mileage we have every gotten!


  1. You two are having way too much fun! OOPs-Raider too. Carlsbad Cavern pictures were great!

  2. I hope you enjoy flat scenery, because most of Texas is that way. Takes some getting used to. I still think of topographic features as hills and mountains, not watertanks and Dairy Queens. I see you are Texans now...I seem to remember you once said something about dying and moving to Texas being about the same thing? Well I think you'll find it's not quite that bad. Except you might have to start listening to country music. Don't know how much time you'll actually be spending in Texas, but like the registration costs you'll also find living here is at least cheaper.

    There are lots of caves in the Hill Country south and west of Austin, none as grand as Carlsbad Caverns but some are nice and no long waits to tour them. Very pretty scenery there too, especially this time of year - reminds me of parts of California.