Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another week and no blog entry!!

The days just fly by, if we didn’t go to Mass on Sundays I would never know what day of the week it is.

So what have we been up to? We have been doing more home improvement projects. This time Kathy wanted the dish cabinet to open differently, so I moved the hinges, latch and handle. The other project involved switching the location of our satellite receiver and our home theater box. This involved undoing a lot of wires, fishing them through tiny holes and then reattaching them so everything still works. And they do!!

On Saturday we did find time to go birding. We went to a monastery in the town of St. David. There is a bird sanctuary there and it is the northern most birding spot on this stretch of the San Pedro River. Unfortunately two of their three ponds were completely dry so we did not see very many birds. We did add Green Heron to the year list. One thing that really stood out for us was the number of Cardinals. Since we never had Cardinals in California, every time we see these BRIGHT RED birds it is a thrill. After birding we continued up the road to check out the town of Benson. Benson is just off of I-10 and is a much smaller town than Sierra Vista. It does have the only Super Wal-mart for 60 miles. :-)

On Sunday the weather started to improve. Still in the low 30s at night but in the 70s during the day, we gave ourselves a rest day and just sat on our patio and read.

Our very good friends the Wishnies have returned to Arizona after their adventure in Mexico and are staying about 50 miles away near Patagonia, Arizona. They came over on Tuesday and we went birding on the Ft. Huachuca Army base. They have all sorts of interesting rules about access, one of them is you must be a US citizen to entry the base. All they do is ask if you are a US citizen they didn’t ask to see our passports for proof. Also they didn’t ask to see under the bed cover that I have on the back of the truck. This “security” is even sillier than airport security. The base is huge and goes from about 4,000 feet in elevation to over 7,000 feet. It also has running streams. The weather was great, it was the best birding day since we have been here, Kathy and I added two life birds (Mexican Jay and Bridled Titmouse). That brings us to 129 species for our year list so far. As always we had a great day with Fred and Jo.


  1. Great new photo of you guys at the header. It almost looks like you had a pro shoot it. :>)

  2. Fred, you would be amazed at the talent you can find at roadside rest areas. :-)