Sunday, March 30, 2008


We have had a miracle happen while here in Albuquerque - we have had two days of no wind! The weather here has been very nice mid-70s during the day and mid-40s at night. We are heading to Holbrook, Arizona to see Petrified Forest National Park tomorrow, so no doubt the high winds will be back.

The Rio Grande River runs through the middle of Albuquerque, going north to south and the town is built going up the sides of the valley, on both the east and west sides. Since the sides of the valley are fairly steep you get great views overlooking the city, in every direction you look. To the northeast are Sandia Peak and the Rockies. Albuquerque is very spread out and seems to be the land of never ending Malls and strip malls. I am amazed at all of the stores there are here.

We have been doing the tourist things like going to Old Town and domestic things like laundry and groceries. I even found a place to wash the truck. This is the first time it has been washed since we were in El Centro the first week of January. The trailer either needs to be washed or we need to have a serious rain storm. We haven’t been in a RV Park that allows washing of the trailer for a very long time.

I was only a Texan for two days and I had this overwhelming urge to buy a western hat (I don't think it qualifies as a cowboy hat). I am really worried that cowboy boots and country western music might be next. Those boots look like the most uncomfortable shoes ever made! I must admit I am starting to like the "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" song.


  1. I like the hat.....


  2. I like the hat too Grant, but be carefull, you're starting to look like one of US, lol.


  3. Lonnie,

    I think a leather vest is next. :-)


  4. Hi Grant
    Like the hat, I just wanted to know if Kathy got one too. Maybe you guys should get the little square dancing outfits too!! Take Care
    Your sister Sue