Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newport, Oregon - Part 2


Inside the Shark tunnel at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

The day after our visit to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse we had a visit from Kirk & Pam Wood. If you have ever read the Escapee Forum or the RV.Net forum., then you must know of Kirk, he must be the busiest poster on those sites. Kirk and Pam have been fulltime RVers for 12 years and have volunteered at 36 different locations. I started reading Kirk’s postings and their blog Kirk and Pam’s RV Adventure back in 2002 or 2003. He was one of my major resources as I was looking into and planning to fulltime. I have always wanted to meet Kirk and Pam in real-time. We almost met last year in Texas, but we could not get reservations anywhere near them because it was Spring Break. They are here on the Oregon Coast volunteering this summer. They were at Cape Mears Lighthouse in July and are at Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park this month. They have so much information, experiences and great stories about volunteering and life on the road. We decided to go out to dinner together.  They asked where we recommended. Since they only place we knew in town was Georgie’s Grill we went there for dinner. It was very busy, but we did get an Ocean-view table and the food was great.

Next for us was a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It is within walking distance of our RV Park and we arrived early before they got too crowded. We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium when we were here in Newport two years ago and as I wrote then: “The coolest thing they have are these three plastic tunnels where the fish swim both above and below you.”.

P1050913  They have sharks!

P1050908 P1050919 And more sharks!


They have halibut.

P1050921    P1050922

P1050923    P1050963

And a lot of other fish!

In their aviary they have Sea Birds!


Tufted Puffin

P1050943 Tufted Puffin blowing bubbles.


Common Murre


Rhinoceros Auklet


Pigeon Guillemot

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Newport, Oregon.


  1. just for the 'halibut' I will be back for part great that after reading such loyal readers of Kirk and Pam's blog you finally got to meet!!!
    have a great day on the Oregon Coast!!

  2. Were you able to get a word in edgewise with Kirk?? :)

  3. Judy,

    He had so many great stories about Volunteering that I didn't even try. :-)

  4. The tunnels look pretty cool! I have been in one, but walked on a regular floor, so no fish below me.

  5. Gorgeous and amazing shots of the sharks...oh my gosh I've never seen the belly of a shark.
    Madi would love to chomp down on some halibut.
    Tufted Puffin what a comical but beautiful character. He looks like he is having a good hair day. Well Raider's Dad!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. I think it is time that Mo and I go to the aquarium next time we visit Newport! I can't believe we haven't done it after seeing your photos.

  7. I have always wanted to walk through a tunnel like that!!! The bird pics are great. Love the puffin!

  8. Looks like a fun place; I always enjoy aquariums. We had the pleasure of seeing puffins - tufted and horned - in Alaska last year; and murres in the Arctic this year. Though I wouldn't consider myself a birder per se, I enjoy watching them when the opportunity presents itself.

  9. Beautiful photos! We spent a week on the Oregon Coast on the way to AK back in 2003. We'd love to go back again. What a beautiful part of the country, and you captured the sealife at the aquarium so well!


  10. Nice pictures, certainly makes us want to visit.

  11. Very Cool!!!
    I've never been to the aquarium either, sigh!
    Thanks for showing me all I'm missing...