Saturday, September 5, 2009

South Dakota – Campground and Birds


Our site at Rafter J RV Park

While visiting all of the great sites around Mt. Rushmore we stayed at Rafter J RV Park. This RV Park has 200 sites spread over 160 acres. We have never had a site as large as the one you see in the picture above. It was also very quiet and had free WIFI.

Another thing that Rafter J had was BIRDS! Just sitting at our campsite we would see both adult and juvenal Mountain Blue Bird catching grasshoppers. Flocks of Barn Swallows, Chipping Sparrows and the White Winged sub-race of the Slate-gray race of Dark-eyed Juncos.


IMG_5792-Immature Mtn Blue Bird




P1010674P1010676 IMG_5784-Chipping SparrowP1010683


  1. Ooooooh, Lots of pretty birds! Big campsites, I would love those!

  2. Neat pix. Tell Raider I'm smiling back at him!

  3. I haven't seen bluebirds since moving from the country. What pretty little creatures God has given us to enjoy. Thanks for the pics!

  4. The baby bluebird is adorable!!!
    I do miss our juncos...

  5. I love the blue colored birds............

    Of course, the big campsite.
    No sardine living there.
    I bet that was a disappointment......potlucks are so much easier from sardine spots..........just pass the dishes thru the windows.