Friday, August 7, 2009

Montana Continued


How did that happen? Partly because we have had very slow Internet connections and partly due to being busy.

Our last few days in Glacier were mostly just relaxing and getting  ready to move on. We loved our time at St. Mary and the eastern side of Glacier National Park.

On our drive to Great Falls, Montana we found a road that was a little longer, but much smoother and straighter than the road we had taken from Browning. So we only had to drive about 12 of the 30 miles on the very windy road back to Browning. The weather back to Great Falls and in Great Falls was in the low 90s. Our first evening there a thunder storm came up about 6 PM and lasted past midnight. Raider does not like thunder so he barked and stayed right next to one or both of us all night. The next day he would start to shake if he heard rain on the roof of the trailer, because he thought that there would be thunder soon. During our one full day in Great Falls we got some much needed groceries and I came down with a 24 hour stomach bug. So, we didn’t get every thing done that we wanted or needed to.

Since we already had reservations for Billings, Montana we moved on the next day. We drove the entire way from Great Falls without going on an Interstate and saw some of the most beautiful scenery. Two hundred plus miles of rolling wheat and hay farms and a sky that went on forever! The temperature was in the mid-70’s the whole way to Billings. So, you are asking “Where are the pictures?”. There was no way to capture the scene with a camera. The sky was endless, the views went on for miles. Using a wide angle lens made everything look too small and a regular lens couldn’t begin to show the expanse of the views. This may be why even if you see pictures of the Grand Canyon you are still awe struck when you see it in person; cameras just can’t capture anything so enormous.

While in Billings, we stayed at the “world’s first KOA”. Built in 1962 on the banks of the Yellowstone River it is the blueprint for all KOAs. There are a lot of trees, the sites are a little narrow and just long enough, but the place is excellently maintained and there are real grass strips between the sites. While in Billings we took care of laundry and getting our prescriptions. Now that we were “road ready”  we started out for our North Dakota Adventures. Stay tuned for “our North Dakota Adventures” complete with pictures.


  1. Always good to see a post, even though I stay in touch with Kathy daily!
    Can't wait to see ND pictures. I hear Raider put on a show!
    Happy Trails,

  2. And I hear you guys got in a REALLY BIG RIG! Lucky, lucky!!!!