Sunday, January 25, 2009

Emergency Surgery for Kathy

I had planned to write about what a great time we had in Quartzsite just as soon as we stopped doing so much that I would have time to write. However, Saturday morning I took Kathy to the emergency room at the Blythe Hospital. After a long day and a lot of test in the emergency room The CT scan show that Kathy had to have her appendix removed. Her appendicitis was atypical because she didn’t have the fever or high white cell count usually associated with appendicitis.

Once the surgery began the doctor determined that her appendix was fine but that she had a “growth” or calcified deposit of something in the wall of her bowel and a small hole in her bowel near the appendix. Whatever it was it has been removed and sent to a lab to determine what it is.

Kathy will be fine but will be in the hospital for about a week. I will write more as we know more.


  1. We're sending lots of loving thoughts and prayers your way. Doug & JoAnn

  2. Our warm thoughts and prayers for both of you. Wishing Kathy a speedy recoery! We really enjoyed our visit last week. Take care!

  3. Kathy - we're wishing you good news and a speedy recovery!

    John & Lora Newby ('07 class members/met you in Wasilla AK)

  4. Sending healing thoughts to Kathy, please do keep us updated!!

  5. Lost of prayers for a fast recovery, Kathy
    Gloria (gloribee)

  6. Please give Kathy my love and tell her I am praying for her!!!
    I know this is a difficult time for you both.
    Please keep us posted.

  7. My prayers are with you.
    Take care.


  8. Us Arctic Camsters are keeping y'all in our thoughts. I hope to see you in Feb.

    Mark G. (markg454)