Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kathy Update - 5

Hi Everybody,

Thank you so much for your good wishes and prayers, I'm back "home" in our Montana!  But Grant kept me up to date with your kind comments!! Thank goodness we were only 30 miles from the nearest hospital and not 300!! What with all of our travels through so many places that we in the middle of no where, it could have been very disasterous! It was a fine hospital, but it's a lot quieter in the campground with full hook ups than a hospital!!! How the heck are you suppose to get any rest if they're waking you up every 4 hours poking a prodding you?!

Raider was incredulous as I came through the door. He just stood there, wagged his tail but his ears were back. The expression on his face was, "Where the hell have you been? Do you know Dad had to feed me, take me for my walks and you're off who knows where?!!! 

Oh man,I was going through withdrawls not having email access for almost a week!!! It is amazing how so many people, even those we haven't even met, left such kind good wishes. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Grant is doing an amazing job on laundry detail and groceries all by himself! 

Ah, now for my favorite Lazy Boy and really rest!



  1. Yeah!!!!!!!! So glad you're home!!!!! We wish you a VERY speedy recovery & hope to see you on the road SOON!!!!!! Hugs from Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  2. Kathy,
    We are so happy to hear you are home and on the way to recovery.
    Rest, rest, and rest.
    Be blessed
    Al Viscardi

  3. So glad to hear you're home again and on the mend. Take care and we pray for a speedy recovery for you so you can get back to walking Raider and looking for birds!

  4. So glad to hear you are at home and on the mend. Our prayers sure seemed to have helped. Keep it up girl!
    Gloria (gloribee)

  5. Oh my gosh! I've been working like crazy and hadn't checked out your blog for a couple of weeks. I'm so glad you're doing better. Scary! Take it easy and let Grant wait on you hand and foot! Hope you're feeling perfectly normal VERY soon. Enjoy the Jello.

    Your cousin,


  6. OMG. I haven't checked your blog in awhile due to the craziness of the holidays and aftermath. I'm reading and saying "what the heck! At this point, i'm glad to hear that Kathy is recovering and back in the RV. Grant, sounds like you did a standup job in caring for Kathy and on the homefront. Take care!!