Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kathy Update - 2

Kathy has gotten better to the point that she has started to complain about all of the tubes and wires that are attached to her. They have removed most of the tubes but the tube through her nose into her stomach really bothers her and they say at least another day. Monday she didn’t sleep as much during the day and her color is looking better. They had her walk around the bed in the morning and she was so tired she slept for an hour after her walk. They had her walk around the bed in the afternoon and she was tired but didn’t need to take a nap.

I think Monday was a harder day for Kathy because she was awake for most of it and just couldn’t get comfortable. She says she only has pain when the incision is touched or when trying to move.

The doctor continues to say that she will be in the hospital for “about a week” but, never says exactly how long she will be in the hospital. 


  1. I'm very thankful to hear Kathy continues to improve...
    Now, how are YOU doing???
    I wish I could do something for you both.
    Give her my love.
    Take care,

  2. Glad to hear she's progressing and also hope you are taking care of YOU!

  3. Sorry to hear about Kathy's operation but glad she's now on the mend. These things were sent to try us! Our thoughts and prayers are with her for a full recovery quickly.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Kathy is doing better. Thanks for the updates.
    Lots of love and take care,

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Kathy is improving.

  6. It is a shame Mom is allergic to so many flowers or I'd get 1-800-Flowers to deliver some to her room!

  7. May GOD take care of both of you ! was sorry to hear of your interruption of travels this away.. am adding you and Kathy to my prayer list on our Blog. Thanks for the updates and we pray for continued improvement .

  8. Our thoughts are with you both, Grant and Kathy and may you continue to improve daily, Kathy.

  9. Hi from Carl, Susan, Ray and Pam,

    We will be in a couple of days. Are you still in Blythe?