Monday, February 4, 2008

Fierce Wind and Super Bowl Party

We awoke to a very strong wind on Super Bowl Sunday and it got stronger as the day went on; even with our new stabilizers the wind rocked the trailer all day and our slide toppers (little awnings over each slide) made noise all day long. The weather service said we had sustained winds at 35 mph and gust to 48 mph; here at Quartzsite there is nothing to block the wind. The few brief times we took Raider outside it was cold and windy!

We spent most of the day reading and Kathy prepared appetizers for the Super Bowl Party. We have 4 trailers still here from the Montana Rally and 8 people. Dave and Kelly Anderson hosted a Super Bowl party for all. It is amazing that you can get 8 people into one trailer. I didn’t really care who won the game but, as I am sure you know by now it was an exciting game. As at all RV functions we had way too much food and I am sure that no one had dinner after the game. Although all of the food was very good the best of the evening had to be Kelly Anderson’s seared scallops.

The wind dropped to speeds in the teens or twenties by the end of the game and then it started to rain.

By 9 AM today the wind and the rain showers started back up and the weather forecast is for gusts to 25 mph today so we are going to wait another day before moving on.

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