Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saguaro Escapee Co-op Park


When we left Kartchner Caverns State Park we went to the Saguaro Escapee Co-op Park near Benson, Arizona to try it out and to prepare for or trip to Oregon. After a week  we decided to extend our stay for a few days, because the park and the weather were both so nice. Then when we had plan to leave, there were two storms coming to California over the next few days with high winds and snow down to 4,000 feet. We had two passes to cross greater than 4,000 feet so we decided to stay put through another weekend. 

Somehow neither one of us took a picture of the lot we were renting. Since this is a Co-op there are very definite guidelines about landscaping and what can be built on a lot. We saw a very wide range of landscaping and “casitas”.  Some casitas are little more than a small shed to store your patio chairs in. Others include: patios, balconies, washers and dryers, bathrooms, showers, even kitchens. The style of the casitas vary immensely. The casitas below are not typical, but do show how much difference there is in casitas style.

A really charming casita in the park, very Southwestern design

A really charming casita, very Southwestern design.

Here's a a unique you live in a barn?

Here's a a unique barn casita.

A few pictures of some of the unique landscaping.

Miniature Train set that runs from the front yard out to the back

Miniature Train set that runs from the front yard out to the back

Here he comes...

This one only runs around the front yard.

The site we were renting had no casita and was only landscaped with gravel and a few cactus.

Easter Cactus opened more flowers

Easter Cactus opened.

During our stay at the Saguaro Escapee Co-op Park we got back into our 10,000 steps a day walking, I read and Kathy got back to her beading.

Our decision to wait while the storms moved across California proved to be a excellent one. We had great weather and no WIND during our trip! The first 600 miles of our journey to Oregon is almost all desert and best travelled without the wind.

We stopped over in Mariposa, California for a few days to visit with Kathy’s parents and two of her three sisters. We next made a brief stop in Napa, California. Ninety degrees in April!! Much hotter than normal. We continued our journey north and found the cool of the coast in Fortuna, California.

While in Fortuna we visited the Eel River Brewery that is only a block and a half from the RV Park. We also visited the local Bear River Casino, for lunch and of course to try a slot machine or two on our way out. Kathy got lucky and managed to win enough to pay for lunch and my losses. Next we visited Ferndale, California known for its well preserved Victorian buildings. Ferndale is also known as the town in the 1995 movie Outbreak. Staring Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman and Rene Russo.


  1. What a neat looking place! Travel safe! Hugs!

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  3. I know I saw one train display but I think this one is different.
    I just love the Southwestern homes and hope to be able to visit New Mexico and AZ someday.
    What beautiful skies.
    Hugs Cecilia