Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another 3 weeks without a blog entry!!!

It has been 3 weeks since our last blog entry and the blog is now more than 2 months behind “real time”.
We still have to post pictures of our time in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, our return to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York’s Thousand Island area on the St. Lawrence river and our visit to Niagara Falls.

However, to answer the question “Where are you?”

Since I  last wrote we left Niagara Falls dropped down to Cleveland to pickup I-80 and start west. We stopped for a few days in Elkhart, Indiana (RV Capital of the World) to have the suspension on our trailer upgraded. Then off to Aurora, Illinois for a few days to visit out oldest son Tim. Since we hadn’t been to Iowa, Nebraska or Kansas since we started life on the road, we decided to visit those states on are way to I-40 and Texas.

We are currently in Oklahoma.


  1. Come on guys, get caught up. I'm anxiously awaiting your PEI & NB entries! LOL

  2. We are missing you!! but we know you are having a Great time :)

    but get with

  3. Well, Kathy don't forget to wave as you go down I-35!!! I'm right on Route 66, LOL


  4. I understand, you two are just to busy having fun!

  5. Oklahoma is OK!!!! I expect fall is the best time to go through tornado alley!!
    Safe travels and Hugs to you 3,

  6. It was great seeing you guys! Glad you made it to Oklahoma before the weather turns.