Monday, May 10, 2010

A stop in Fayetteville, North Carolina


An interesting bridge just outside Jacksonville, Florida

Upon leaving St. Augustine we took a couple of days to drive to Fayetteville, North Carolina for more visiting.

Kathy’s nephew Stephen is currently stationed at Fort Bragg after his tour of duty in Iraq. This is the first time we have seen him since he returned from Iraq and it was good to see him looking so well. We had a nice dinner together and caught up on his time in the Army and his future plans. Unfortunately, with all of the talking we didn’t get a pictures.

We also got a chance to meet another of Kathy’s Chatty Cyber Chick  and Arctic Camster friends. This time we met “HiC”. Cecilia and her husband Bryan live in Raleigh, about 60 miles from Fayetteville and they came down to  have lunch with us. Although, “HiC” is on a countdown towards her retirement she didn’t sound like she was going to sell everything and take up full timing RVing.  Note from Kathy: It is always fun to meet someone you have “known” for a while in person!


May 2,2010 016

The weather remained very humid during our visit but it didn’t rain. However, about an hour after we left Fayetteville we hit a very intense 5 minute rain storm. The kind of rain that wipers on full don’t really do much good. The good news is that after the rain both the truck and the trailer looked liked they had been power washed and all of the tree stuff from the St. Augustine thunderstorm was off of both of them. How very nice of the North Carolina Dept. of Transportation to give us a free car and RV wash!!

On to Virginia.


  1. So nice you got to meet "HiC"! That bridge looks pretty awesome! If you get to Boston, nice bridge there. Can't tink of the name of it right now. Real pretty at night too!

  2. Not fond of driving over big bridges but I like looking at them from afar. That's a very good picture. I'll bet y'all had good time with HiC too!

  3. That's Awesome that were able to meet up with Madi's mommy and daddy :)
    You are going to LOOOOOVE Virginia (my home state) be sure and check out Luray Caverns!! They are Awesome. I was born in Winchester, VA (northwest) Have FUN!!!!!

  4. Hi Grant...thanks for the nice shout out to Cecilia (aka HiC, aka Chatty Cyber Chick)!!! We we so thrilled to finally meet you and Kathy.
    Safe travels....
    Cecilia, HiC, or CCC.....
    Hugs to my favorite red head and of course his parents.

  5. A good thunderstorm, a good rain, and good friends= a good trip!