Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zion National Park 2009 – Part 3 - Emerald Pools Trail and Kayenta Trail


Looking down canyon

The Emerald Pools are a series of small pools, cascades and waterfalls located about midway up the Zion Canyon. The trail begins at the Zion Lodge and the hikes to the 3 pool become more strenuous as you go to the next higher pool. The Kayenta Trail starts further up canyon and traverse a bench about 150 feet above the Virgin Rover and gives nice views until it connects to the Emerald pool complex of trails. This is our favorite part of the Zion Canyon. During the almost three weeks we were here we hiked in this area 3 times. On our first hike we walked from Zion Lodge to Lower Pool and then back.


Waterfall from Middle Emerald Pool to Lower Emerald Pool


Lower Emerald Pool

On our second hike we took advantage of the shuttle system and walked the Kayenta trail from the Grotto shuttle stop to Middle Pool and then on to Zion Lodge.


The trail to Middle Pool


Middle Emerald Pool

On the third hike I walked from Zion Lodge to Lower Pool, then to Middle Pool, then to the Upper Pool and finished my hike by walking the Kayenta trail to the Grotto shuttle stop.


Almost to Upper Pool


Upper Emerald Pool

As you can see the Upper Pool is larger than the other two pools, but none of them really is much of a pool nor did they look emerald to me.

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