Sunday, January 10, 2010

North Palm Springs


Snow capped San Grogornio Mountain to the west of our location, at 11,503 feet it is the highest peak in Southern California.

Everyone has heard about Palm Springs. They have endless golf courses, gated communities and very expensive shopping. We however have been at an RV Park in North Palms Springs! This isn’t even a town! It is an unincorporated area that has a a post office and a very small one at that. The RV Park is surrounded by empty desert.

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The above is the Google Satellite picture of the Two Springs RV Resort

As you can probably guess this is a pretty quiet and very relaxing area. Due east of here is the town of Desert Hot Springs. It is just big enough to  have gas stations, grocery stores and places to eat. When I last posted I wrote “so far it has been mostly windy.” Our first day here was very windy (we are just east of a Windmill Farm). We had a 12 hour wind storm that was 20 mph with gust to 50 mph. However since that day the weather here has been SPECTACULAR! While most of the country has had record breaking cold, we have enjoyed lows in the 50s and highs in the mid-70. Now, this was the desert weather we came for!


Photo of our campsite


Photo of the Wind Mills across the street with San Jacinto Peak in the background. San Jacinto peak is 10,834 feet tall.

We spent most of our time at North Palms Springs getting back into RV mode after our hectic time in  San Jose and of course, getting ready for the Montana Owner Circle at Quartzsite Arizona.



Our first sunset at Quartzsite this year


  1. Hi Grant & Kathy, I'm still lurking around your blog, enjoying your travels, scenery and adventures along the way. I hope you run into Ray & Leda Wynn at Quartzite. They said they were headed that way soon but I forgot the dates.


    Bob Nadeau

  2. Great pictures - thanks for sharing!! It looks a lot like here!

  3. Ralph and I saw a program about RV'ing and it included Quartsite. Looks fun!!!!

  4. Hey there! Hi Raider!
    Is North Palm Springs towards the Joshua Tree area? We've taken numerous trips for climbing and camping in the J-Tree area. And, defitely remember it being windy! More so the spring winds, than winter ones.
    Looks like a somewhat protected site you have.
    Where is next on the travel agenda?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. Please keep the beautiful desert photos coming! Since we can't be there we can at least enjoy your pictures. Have fun at Q for us!
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  6. Gorgeous pictures. the sky is amazing. I know you are enjoying some down time w/o too much touring..resting up those little puppies of yours for spring and summer hiking,
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. Grant & Kathy, You have set up a great blog! I will be back to track your travels and especially when you RV on the west coast or in Canada. Keep taking great pictures, hopefully we'll see you in Whistler BC in 2011.

    J. McCartney