Saturday, December 22, 2007

We have begun

Yesterday was my last day of work and to all of my staff, colleagues and friends at Meriwest. I sincerely thank you for your kind words and good wishes. I already miss you and of course will NEVER forget you.

We sold Kathy’s car today to the mechanic that has serviced it for the past 10 years. The car is 14 years old and still had less than 100,000 miles. Kathy was sad to see her faithful Honda drive away.

Since we have been living in the trailer after selling our house three and half months ago, we have spread out and purchased more things we think we will need on the road. Now, we are feverishly trying to pack everything for our departure on Wednesday.


  1. Kathie and Grant,
    congratulations on your early retirement. I am sure you will enjoy the "easy" life from now on.
    What better place for birding and star gazing than Arizona?????
    Where are you heading towards first?
    Have safe journeys.

  2. Yea! You're off and running! I am so excited for you guys. Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us via your blog.

    Good Luck, God Bless and Safe Travels!!

    Your cousin Lisa

  3. Grats guys!

    I'm very excited for you. It seems you guys have been planning this for 20 years or so now; it is finally happening!

  4. Congratulations on your new life, and on getting the blog up and running. Will have to add a link to my toolbar now.

    Of course, I expect lots of great bird pics from you!


  5. Congratulations on the beginning of your real life.

    Lets find some birds!