Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today truly was the first day of the rest of our lives

I have nurtured the dream of fulltiming for almost 20 years since my then boss Tom Dowd retired at 55 to travel fulltime in his motorhome. It was a revelation to me that people did that and that you didn’t have to wait until 65 to retire. Over the years Tom and I stayed in touched and each year he would come through town so that we could have lunch together and I could get caught up in where he had been and what he had been doing. When I reached the age 50 we started serious planning; beginning with a week at Life on Wheels . After years of dreaming and planning; today we left our hometown of the past 30 years and started out on our fulltime life. We had been living it the 5th wheel since we sold the house in September but, I was still working. My official retirement date is 12/31 but, my last day of work was 12/21. We are heading to Arizona and hopefully warmer weather.

What could be a better entry in to the fulltime life style than to have at our first night destination to be met by RV Dreams Community forum members Jim and Ellie with a bottle of wine for us!!! Thanks Jim and Ellie! There blog is:

I had answered a question on the RV Dreams forum about a route from Arizona to Paso Robles that would avoid Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago.

Fulltime RVing is really a small community; shortly after I had been in contact with Jim and Ellie they met our dear friends Fred & Jo Wishine (there blog is: ) in Arizona.


  1. Love the Raider photo. Glad you have moved it to the top of the column.

  2. Hi, we sure enjoyed meeting you. Your blog is great! Oh, by the way, you've been "tagged!" Check your blog mention at
    Best wishes in your fulltime life!

  3. Glad you got off all right.
    Have a safe trip as you take your first trip and enjoy the AZ desert
    and winter weather.