Monday, April 8, 2013

Time to get back on the Road

2013-03-03 13.36.01

We are fine, but have been really busy.

March was pretty much like February, but with better weather (mostly).

Kathy continued to bead and I continued to volunteer at Kartchner Caverns State Park.

Three couples from our Montana Owners group have bought homes in the area, so we went to visit and see their new homes. We also had two other couples from the Montana Owners group come down to spend a few days at St. David, the next town south of here. So there have been a lot of lunches and Happy Hours to attend.

Paul and Nina from Wheeling It, that we volunteered with at Cape Blanco Lighthouse last August, came to spend a few days at the SKP Park. So, naturally there were more lunches, dinners and Happy Hours.

A few of the interesting places we visited include:

Triangle T Historic Ranch this is a dude ranch just off of I-10 about half way between Benson and Wilcox. In other words “in the middle of nowhere”. It has an authentic Saloon right down to the swing doors. The Saloon was built around an enormous rock for apparently no good reason. They also have their own Triangle T IPA and some excellent burgers. Needless to say we went there more than once.

2013-03-03 13.31.30 2013-03-03 13.30.35 2013-03-03 12.16.18 2013-03-03 13.28.31  2013-03-03 13.36.07

About a mile further down the road from Triangle T Historic Ranch is the The Amerind Museum in their own words “Amerind Museum exhibitions tell the story of America's first peoples from Alaska to South America and from the last Ice Age to the present. Amerind's Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery features works on western themes by such artists as Carl Oscar Borg, William Leigh, Frederic Remington, and Andy Tsihnahjinnie, and one room in the Art Gallery is reserved for the presentation of contemporary Native American art. A museum store offers southwestern arts, crafts, and books on prehistory, history, and Native American cultures.”. It is an amazing museum sitting in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately cameras are not permitted.

We have been at the SKP Park in Benson the past 5 months and plan to leave on Wednesday to go  spend some time in Southern New Mexico. We are not volunteering this summer. Kathy's 86 & 83 year old parents are having health issues.  We never looked into any volunteer positions because we are not sure if we will have to go to Mariposa suddenly.

We think our plans are to take our time heading north on I-25 to revisit the Black Hills. Then we think we will go to the Escapee Escapade in Gillette, Wyoming over 4th of July. After that we will head west on I-90 to Washington. We are planning to visit the SKP Park in Chimacum, Washington and then on to Olympic National Park. From there we will head down the coast. We are thinking about spending September in Bandon, Oregon (we really like that town) and then head to San Jose in October for our yearly Doctor visits and to see our youngest son. Then back here to Benson around the first of November.

Another option we are considering is: Our Montana owners group is having a rally near Spokane in June. So, maybe we will not do I-25 and the Escapade at all and go to the Spokane rally, then head west to  Chimacum and Olympic National Park. Then visit the SKP Park in Sutherlin,Oregon before heading to Bandon in September.

As full time RVers our plans are cast in Jell-O at best. Only time and weather will tell were we end up.

We have enjoyed our time here with Kathy's beading and my volunteering at Kartchner Caverns. The SKP's Beading Group had 25 women that met 3 days a week for about 2 1/2 hours. There have also been some SKP hikes, and many dinners,  breakfasts and entertainers at the club house. There are so many activities that we couldn’t even go to half of them. The people have been friendly and try to make sure we feel included. Of course EVERYBODY LOVES MOLLY.

A few of the bracelets Kathy has made:



Molly the Lap Dog

2013-04-04 10.31.20


  1. Glad to hear that you guys (and Molly) are doing well. We'll be volunteering in Spearfish, SD this summer, so if you pass through the area be sure and let us know!

  2. Always love to see a dog that likes to cuddle.

  3. nice to hear from the three of you again! sounds like your 'jello' plans are all set!!
    glad to hear that Molly has settled in to the RVing lifestyle! she looks mighty cozy on your lap!

  4. Sure is good to hear from you three as always! Sounds like good plans are coming up! Very pretty bracelets Kathy!!!

  5. Hey you all. So good to hear from you - Kathy, the bracelets are beautiful! Your plans sound delightful, no matter where they take you. Be safe and keep writing, and lovin' on Molly.
    John & Sue

  6. It is a little scary that I actually know where some of those in the middle of nowhere places are:)

  7. I just found your blog on an Internet search. We are just up thebroad bit in Tucson. I am so impressed with your the way the states are so organized...we are heading to Montana for the summer....can't wait to read your visit there.

    We are Joe and Gay Taylor....full-time RVers for almost 2 years now. We travel with 4 rescue pups we call our canine dependents!

    Kathy, your bracelets are beautiful. Isn't it too cute the way the biggest pups try so hard to be little? Nothing like a cuddly lap pup!

  8. Sure gotta love those big cuddly lapdogs for sure. We got one too:))

  9. Grant & Kathy - Long time; no see! We were your neighbors at the RV Park in Wasilla AK back in early Sept of 2008. If you make it to Escapade, give us a holler as we are planning to be there. It would be fun to see you guys again! Love your posts - your photos are always gorgeous!

    John & Lora Newby
    Class of 2007

  10. Glad you are all doing well and Molly isn't being spoiled!! Deccy x