Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Five Years as Fulltime RVers

Molly in her Christmas Sweater

Molly Update:
Molly is doing great! We have her diet supplemented with a high protein Fish and Sweet Potato dog food and she has put on 4 pounds since we got her. Her vet says she still needs to gain another 5 - 8 pounds. Also her coat is coming in, thickening up and curling. As Molly has settled in to her new home her personality has come out. Like all Golden Retrievers she loves people. On her walks she head towards everyone she sees so that they can pet her. She also likes other dogs both big & small, but after a quick sniff is looking for the dog owner to pet her. She does have a big black Lab boyfriend that she loves to play with. Even with their leashes on they run and wrestle with each other no matter where they meet. She has also started playing with some of her toys. If we throw a ball she will chase after it. She my bring it back or she may bring it part way back or she may just run up to it then walk away. 

Our Five Years as Fulltime RVers:
WOW, where did 5 years go? It doesn't seem like it could be five years already, but I must admit that I can barely remember my "work life". This year with so many months of volunteering and doing Lighthouse tours, we met more people than ever from all around the world. We worked with a great group of volunteers and rangers at the state parks.
Our past year in review:
I wrote a year ago that our Plans and Resolutions for 2012: were none and none. I also wrote: "We have been so focused on Kathy’s health issues that we haven’t even thought about where we might go or what we might do in 2012." As our regular readers know we Volunteered for 3 months at Kartchner Caverns State Park in Arizona and then decided to return to the Oregon coast and to volunteering at Coquille River and Cape Blanco Lighthouses. We volunteered at Cape Blanco Lighthouse for 4 months, our longest stay in any one place since we have been on the road. We finished out our year by returning to Arizona staying at the SKP Co-op in Benson and with me volunteering one day a week back at Kartchner Caverns. 

Plans for 2013:
Our only plan so far is to stay here at the SKP Co-op and to continue to volunteer at Kartchner Caverns State Park through the end of March. It will make this 5 month stop our longest yet. As much as we love the Oregon Coast we are thinking about returning to the Rocky Mountains this coming summer. Also after 8 months of volunteering this past year we have not decided about volunteering in 2013.


  1. congrats on reaching the five year milestone!
    Molly looks like she is coming along just great!

  2. Nice to see Molly has fitted in well & become family. Very encouraging to see her beginning to play with toys. Pretty special for her to have a boyfriend & it's nice that she is not fearful of people. Nice winter coat:))

  3. Awe Molly, you are so sweet looking! Lucky you, with a B/F already!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  4. Five years! Congrats, my friends! Miss Molly is beautiful! Love her new sweater.

  5. Wow, 5 years, it does fly by doesn't it? Congratulations. Molly looks like she's doing just fine already and she'll only get better.
    Happy New Year.
    Fred & Jo

  6. What a beautiful doggy. I sure recognize those uniforms on you too. We are OSP volunteers. We have volunteered at Carl Washburne, Prineville, and Smith Rock. Whatever you do in 2013... Enjoy!

  7. Molly looks ADORABLE! I so hope we get to meet her at some point.
    And I do think you deserve a rest from least for a short while. You certainly had a full time of it in 2012.

  8. I love that pic of Molly!!!

    Happy New Year!!!


  9. I can certainly tell a difference in Molly's fur from her first pic to now.
    Of course her beauty is enhanced by her lovely crocheted, with love, coat.
    The yarn colors are purrfect for her. Hugs Madi, Molly's bfff and Mom

  10. Cute Molly!
    Congrates and happy new year.

    Kim Coles.

  11. Lucky me I get to pet Molly all the time....conrats on 5 years....we celebrated 10 years on December 22....

  12. Congrats on the 5 year milestone. Hope you have many more. How is Molly doing? Bet she is really growing and thriving with her new loving home.