Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raider Picture Week 1


Yes, I still need to finish the 2010 Travelogue blog entries but haven’t got back to them yet. However, while sorting through the pictures for the next blog entry I realized that I had not used my poor neglected camera since the first week of October! How did I go from hundreds of pictures a day to no pictures for 3 months?

There is an axiom in photography that the more pictures you take the better photographer you will become. Toward that end many photographers take on a 365 Project. has over 16,000 groups dedicated to 365 Projects. The commitment is to take a picture every single day for a year of some object or theme.  Naturally, trying to do anything everyday is difficult and many people dropout of these projects. Another group of photographers knowing that they couldn’t keep up with a 365 Project or as a way to work up to a 365 Project do a 52 Weeks Project. has just over 1,300 groups dedicated to 52 Week Projects.

In what I hope to be a “two-fer” I am starting a 52 Week Project of:” Pictures of Raider”. My plan is to take and publish a picture of Raider each week of 2011. To complete this project I will also have to have at least one blog posting a week in 2011.

I am hoping that with this plan I will be able to keep the blog more current. Of course it may turnout that I end up with 52 pictures of Raider sleeping and me writing “Nothing interesting happen this week.” Smile


So to get started:

We left San Jose last Monday and headed to Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles. This is  the RV Park where we spent our first night as full-timers 3 years ago. Also like 3 years ago we were in town to take our trailer to Sky River RV. This time to have a leaky gray tank replaced under warranty and to have the body damage caused by our tire blowout back in October repaired. As you can imagine this was an all day job so we headed over the hill to Morro Bay. We last visited Morro Bay in November of 2008 you can read about it at blog entry 2008 How are you and where are you. Like last time we came to Morro Bay we let Raider run on the beach. Although, he hates water and won’t go near the surf he LOVES running on sandy beaches. We once again had lunch at the Great American Fish Company. We spent the rest of our time in Morro Bay just watching the waves break and surfers freeze.

Watching the waves break


Once we had the trailer back and a goodnight’s rest again, as three years ago, we went to see our sisters that live near Magic Mountain\Valencia in southern California. Again the closest RV Park we could get into was in Acton, about 30 miles beyond where they live.

So there we are up-to-date. We are sitting in the Acton KOA and tomorrow we will be heading out to continue our adventures.  

Morro Bay January 2011 slideshow 


  1. Nice to see current happenings again. Also great photos of Raider!

  2. Hi Raider! What a beautiful spot, amazing waters, and such a happy hoppy YOU!! Great photos!! I might have to be on the long string at a beach, as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water. Looked like some great weather! Happy travels my friend :) Looking forward to more photos!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  3. The sand, waves and sea look a bit like Virginia Beach where we were for a few months. But we didn't have any rocks near the water. Nice photos!

  4. Hi Kathy and Grant I'm a tad late checking in buy you know we Southeners work on our own time clock. LOL Great pictures
    I declare that one of Raider running needs to be on the cover of Dog Fancy...his sweet face is full of so much happiness. He is a California Beach boy for sure.
    Cold, deary and icy in THE SOUTH
    Hugs HiC

  5. I really do LOVE that pic of Raider!!!
    So glad he's made a great recovery!!!

  6. SO happy to see Raider enjoying his freedom!!!

  7. Great idea! Beautiful pics of a beautiful pup.

  8. as you can see I am playing catch up with your blog..from one fellow golden owner to another..there is nothing like a golden running on the beach!!..perfection!!