Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pahrump Revisited Yet Again


Our current site at Escapee CO-OP Pair-a-dice RV Park

After spending 3 weeks at Zion National Park it was time to move on; the weather was getting colder and the winds were getting stronger. We even added a couple of days to our stay hoping that the winds would die down. Where to go became the question. We had planned to move to a RV Park in Hurricane Utah to meet up with friends from our Montana Owners group, but there is a reason it is called Hurricane. As we got out of Zion Canyon to Hurricane there was a very strong wind. Since we were pointed west it was a tail wind, we decided to take advantage of the tailwind and not stay in Hurricane.

Our destination was the Escapee CO-OP Pair-a-dice RV Park in Pahrump Nevada, which is about 65 miles west of Las Vegas. This is our third visit in the past year. You can read about our other visits in the archive under 2008 November and under 2009 March.

On our previous visits I wrote:

“The Pair A Dice CO-OP RV Park is one of the nicest parks we have been to and is in a very quiet area. Everyone here is very friendly. It usually takes us an hour to do Raider’s morning walk, because everyone wants to pet him and take time to chat. Pahrump Valley has no Interstate highway, no trains and as far as we can tell no airport of any kind. The RV Park is located about 3 miles from the nearest highway of any size and about 5 miles from the center of town. Here in Pahrump everyday has been mid-70s or better. We have had a couple of very windy days, which are good days to stay inside and read. All of the other days have been good days to sit outside and read. So, I guess what we have been doing for the past two weeks is reading and beading. We have also been taking Raider for two walks a day around the park to get us all some exercise.”

All of the above is still true. Kathy has joined the RV Parks beading group for a few sessions and we attended the Park’s Halloween Dinner. Even though we are much younger than most of the park residents they have gone out of their way to make us welcome and part of the group.

This is the first place that we have setup the bird feeders since we were in the Black Hills of South Dakota. As with our previous visits here, we have had Lesser Goldfinch, American Goldfinch, House Finch, Mourning Doves, House Sparrows, White-crowned Sparrows and Gamble’s Quail at our feeders. Today we had a Roadrunner pass through our site as well.

IMG_6181 House Finches and Goldfinches.

IMG_6184 White-crowned Sparrow

We originally signed up here for two weeks. Those two weeks have gone by very fast so we have signed for an additional two weeks. As of now our plans are to leave here on the 18th and head to San Jose for the holidays.

In case you’re wondering what the little structure beside our trailer is, it is called a casita. Spanish for “little house”. It is a storage unit for the owners of this site, we’re just renting. So we get to enjoy the shade it provides and a very nice patio for sitting outside. It also provides us some privacy as the other RVer is on the other side of it and we can’t even see them.


  1. Hi Kathy, Grant and Raider!!
    Great pictures of you little homestead. The birds are amazing they found your feeders quickly.
    So funny that Raider has a fan club!! They will miss him I'm sure. sounds like it is time to move on the another location that is warmer.
    Hugs HiC

  2. Love all those birds! Sure hope there are not any snakes near by though to get those finches!

  3. Pahrump is a great little town, I have some family there so do like to stop in from time to time and it's not a long drive to Death Valley.

    Quick question, how do I go about linking a google map to my blog, like you do.

  4. Lovely birdies!!!
    We're loving your home state Kath...
    lots of loving to Raider!!!

  5. Guess I'm a little late....but better late than never....I like the setup that you have there....and the little birdies are really nice...Kathy, I like the close up of the sparrow, where you can REALLY see his coloring....pretty cool!!!

  6. Hi Kathy & Grant & Raider,
    Madi and Mom sent us over to meet you all. I loved your pictures!!!!
    I love birds and have been feeding them for over 25 years.
    I will come to visit you every so often.
    Hugs, Fern

  7. Hay Kathy,
    I have a daughter-inlaw whos name is Cathy as well.. She is the only daughter-inlaw that I have. I have 2 sons but my youngest son's marriage did not last ever a year. He has never found anyone since that he wanted to marry yet.
    What kind of camera do you have to beable to get the nice close-ups!!!
    I just love you birds shots!!!
    Thank-you for coming to visit me.
    I think I like you very much!!

  8. I forgot to tell you I have a grand-daughter living Vages.

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