Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life in Blythe - Part 2

Yes, we still are in Blythe and expect to be until the end of the month. The KOA here in Blythe says the rates are $45 during the week and $55 on the weekends. When I arrived here with the 5th wheel while Kathy was in the hospital they gave me a rate of $39 per night regardless of weekend or not. Then they let me use my KOA discount card which brought the rate down to $35 a night.  After we had been here 2 weeks we decided that Kathy still needed more rest, so I went to sign up for another week. At the desk they told me that since I had already paid the month amount we could stay until the end of the month for FREE. So we paid for 14 days and get 18 days free. The people here at the Blythe KOA have been wonderful and a help since I have arrived!

We have not really done very much since our last blog posting. We had two days of rain; which is the first rain we have seen since Christmas. Mostly the weather continues to be sunny and in the 70s.

Kathy continues to get better. She has once again taken over the cooking, but she still has me doing the laundry.  She has been doing at least one "Raider" walk a day. The morning walk is 2 miles round trip. However she is NOT 100% and still has some discomfort.

Blythe slide show


  1. Kathy,
    Have not checked on you all in a couple of months and was shocked to hear of your unexpected trip to the hospital! Just goes to show we never know what the next day will bring. I will be praying that you get a good report from the doctors and that you will soon be functioning at 100%. Happy travels 2009.
    Your Tennessee friends,Myra and Don

  2. Good to see a new update and see that Kathy is still recovering. Glad the KOA treated you so well. Kudos to them!